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Humidity /Temperature Sensor Module HTF3223
Humidity /Temperature Sensor Module HTF3223
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Humidity /Temperature Sensor Module - HTF3223

Based on the rugged HS1101 humidity sensor, HF 3223 / HTF 3223 is a dedicated humidity and temperature transducer designed for OEM applications where a reliable and accurate measurement is needed. It features a miniature connector for easy, cost-effective mechanical mounting. Direct interface with a micro-controller is made possible with the module’s linear frequency output.

This is frequency output humidity module made with HS1101, and it's applicable to OEM users who need accurate and reliable detection of humidity.This module have small interface,so it can be automatically setup, it can save a lot of cost.

Because it is linear frequency output testing module, therefore it can connect with microprocessor directly.


1)  Humidifiers & dehumidifiers
2)  Air-conditioner  

3)  Humidity data loggers  

4)  Automotive climate control  

5)  Other applications  

Characteristics : HS1101  

Input voltage range : DC 5.0±0.2V 
Output voltage range: DC 1.0±0.2 V 
Measurement Accuracy : ±5% RH   

Operating Current (Maximum)  : 2mA   

Storage RH Range : 0 to 99% RH   

Operating RH Range : 10 to 95% (100% RH intermittent)

Transient Condensation :< 3%RH   

Temperature Range  : -40℃  to 80℃ 

Storage  : -20℃  to 95℃

Hysteresis (RH @ 25℃) : MAX 2%RH   

Long Term Stability(typical drift per year) : ±1.5% 
Linearity : Linearity   

Time Response(63% step change) : 1 min   

Dimensions(L*W) : 34mm*22mm*9mm

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