Product | Breakout | Digital Output-Port Shield V2.0 -Arduino Compatible
Digital Output-Port Shield V2.0 -Arduino Compatible
Digital Output-Port Shield V2.0 -Arduino Compatible
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Arduino Digital Output-Port Shield V2.0

We've been doing a 8 channel digital output expansion module, the digital sensors foot sequence is different from the general sensors pin sequence, and when connection ,we use three sensors. Recently we use IDC interface in the development process of electronic blocks, so it can be more convenient when there are multiple pin circuit module, but at the same time this reduce the flexibility. A new version of the 8 channels digital output module is set according to the new sensor's foot sequence,and multiple connection problem have been updated :

According to the new sensor pin sequence defined, the corresponding to GND (-), the VCC (+) and signal :


When connection , we used IDC - 6 pin provided by IDC Shield, and link to the 595IN socket of 8 channels digital output module through 6 pin IDC cable.

The Expanded digital I/O foot can be used to connect digital output module, such as common LED module :

If you need more block-level, it need to connect the socket of 595OUT(of module before) with 595IN socket :

The core of this module is a 74HC595 chip. If you have problem about Arduino programming,
you can borrow Arduino official ShiftOut indication and example, but it need be according to the hardware connection of IDC expanded shield, modify the corresponding pins, as shown in the code:
int dataPin = 9;   // SER
int latchPin = 7;  //RCK
int clockPin = 6; //SCK

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