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Robot Ultrasonic Ranging Shield
Robot Ultrasonic Ranging Shield
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Robot Ultrasonic Ranging Shield

    In order to make robot bypass obstacle automatically, it must be equipped with distance measuring system to make timely access to information of direction and distance from the obstacle. Ultrasonic ranging system can be composed of ultrasonic ranging modules in three directions(front, left, right), which can supply distance information from front , left and right of the robot.
    Ultrasonic sensors can work separately while connecting to power supply. The 3 LED digital display distance from the barrier. LED digital tube module can be plugged or unplugged from the sensor board. So it can be use on different occasions. Range distance is 10cm-500cm. The error is 1 ~ 2cm while ranging less than 100cm. When greater than 100cm, the error is 2 ~ 4cm. The ultrasonic sensors module can output the distance data from specific I/O interface. It can be directly installed in the robot, for application such as search object searching and obstacle avoidance detection.

    Pin JD1-2/-3 are connected to GND ; JD1-1 is connected to PC5; while short-circuit block is inserted between pin 2 and 3,LED digital display is used the display the distance. If short-circuit block inserted between the 1 and 2, LED light-emitting diode is used for display, or Ultrasonic sensor output section control signal;

1:  J1-1-PD0 avoidance distance ranging  5 ~ 9cm

2:  J1-2-PD1 avoidance distance ranging 10 ~ 19cm

3:  J1-3-PD2 avoidance distance ranging 20 ~ 29cm

4:  J1-4-PD3 avoidance distance ranging 30 ~ 39cm

5:  J1-5-PD4 avoidance distance ranging 40 ~ 49cm

6:  J1-6-PD5 avoidance distance ranging 50 ~ 99cm

7:  J1-7-PD6 avoidance distance ranging 100 ~ 179cm

8:  J1-8-PD7 avoidance distance ranging 180 ~ 250cm

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