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NAND Audio Recording Voice Module
NAND Audio Recording Voice Module
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NAND Audio Recording Voice Module

Detailed Product Description:

NAND Sound Module is a record voice module,nand flash voice module. It can record 256 voice,duration up to 16H and with repeatable recording-playing function; recording voice module--nand flash voice module, recordable.

Features :

1、With  repeatable recording-playing functions, can be customized all kinds of functions.

2、Can set all kinds of Voice Prompting functions according to different situations.

3、Flash type (NAND flash) Re-recordable voice module.

4、Voice can be recorded by MIC, LINE IN or USB download.

5、MIC /LINE IN record sampling rate at 8KHZ, USB downloaded up to 24KHz.

6、Recorded voice messages can be uploaded to PC via mini USB

7、Equip with PC software for download and upload.

8、Support WAV, MP3, ADPCM format download

9、Control mode: Key, serial control

10、Recording 256 voice groups, duration up to 16 hours ( It depends on the size of FLASH )

11、Operating voltage: 3.3V or 5V

12、Can work for a long time under the mode of Lower Power Consumption

13、Chipset solution is available

14、128M Memory by default.


1、NAND Audio Recording Voice Module is a multi-function module with record and playback function. Suit for long time high quality record applications.

2、Such as fire protection record , meeting record, phone record, repeat machine, learning apparatus and so on.

3、Use in fire protection record, it can offer clues for analyzing the fire accident , fire alarm will be carry out when catch fire,and warning people.
Special Features :

 1. Re-recordable

 2. Voice can be record by Microphone/LINE IN or USB download.

 3. Customer change voices easily.

 4. With key mode and MCU serial mode

 5. MIC/LINE IN record sampling rate at 8KHZ, USB downloaded up to 24KHz.

 6. Equip with PC software , support WAV,MP3,ADPCM format, and support recorded voice upload.

 7. Low power consumption, suit for long time working .

 8. Record 256 groups of voice , duration up to 16 hours(depends on the NAND flash size)

 9. Operating voltage: 3.3V or 5V



Other Description :

Description: Record voice to WTV-NAN module by MIC, LINE or PC software. Trigger module to play voice by control port.

Support Samsung and Hynix 16MByte to 256MByte NAND-Flash and 128M Memory by default.

Words And Expressions

1、MIC/LINE IN RECORD : Record voice by microphone or LINE IN.

2、PLAY RECORDED VOICE : Play the voice which recorded by microphone or LINE .

3、DOWNLOADED VOICE: Voice downloaded form PC by USB


Click to download manual

Click here to get the software



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