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Infrared Remote Control Kit -Arduino Compatible
Infrared Remote Control Kit -Arduino Compatible
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Arduino Infrared Remote Control Kit

Arduino Infrared Receiver Module

Description :

Arduino Infrared receiver Module is a Arduino compatible infrared receiver sensor, this module  can receive a 38 KHz modulated signal, and program for Arduino to decode the signal, so as to realize the infrared wireless communication.

It can be used with Arduino to achieve universal remote control.

This item can be used together with Ultra-thin infrared remote control :

Ultra-thin infrared remote control product parameters :

1. CR2025 environmental protection button batteries, capacity : 160 mah

2. Working Distance: more than 8 m ( effected by the surrounding environment, the receiver sensitivity etc )

3. Effective Angle: 60 degrees

4. Surface materials: 0.125 mmPET stick, With effective life : 20000 times.

5. Stable quality, cost-effective

6. Static current 3-5 uA, dynamic current 3-5 mA.

Application :

Connect this sensor module with Arduino sensor shield through 3 Pin sensor cable, not only can easily realize the infrared wireless communication, as following :



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