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SRW1011 1000m Wireless Transmission Module
SRW1011 1000m Wireless Transmission Module
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SRW1011 1000m Wireless Transmission Module

SRW1011 Summary :

SRW1011 highly integrated, low cost TRx module which was covered from 240MHz to 930MHz ISM band. The extremely low receive sensitivity couple with industry leading +13dBm output power ensures the extended range and improved link performance. Lowest BOM cost
and smallest PCB size 18mm×18mm. The module comply with RoHs standard, -40℃~+85℃ temperature range, it was also integrated wakeup timer, temperature sensor, FIFO, power-on- reset, GPIOs, high-performance ADC and DSP based modem. The modem performs demodulation, filtering, packet handling for increasing flexibility and performance which could make the design simplest and allow couple with the lower-end MCUs. We supply the RF design so that the customer could use it simply. It is not necessary for the customer to debug the module when they use it.
Features :

1· Frequency Range:240-930MHz

2· Sensitivity:-121dBm

3· Maximum Output Power:+13 dBm,-8dBm ~ +13dBm configurable

4· Current Consumption:18.5mA(Rx);30mA@+13dBm(TX)

5· Data Rate:0.125-256kbps

6. Support FIFO mode, Direct Mode and PN9 mode

7· 1.8-3.6 V supply power

8· Ultra low power shutdown mode


10· Wake-on-Radio

11· AFC

12· Configurable packet structure

13· Preamble detector

14· TX and Rx 64bits FIFOs

15· Low battery detector

16· Temperature sensor and 8-bits ADC

17· Temperature range:-40 ~ +85°C

18· Integrated voltage regulators

19· Frequency hopping capability

20· FSK,GFSK and OOK modulation

21· Low cost

22· Power-on-reset

23· SPI Interface
The module communicates with the external MCUs via the standard 4-wire SPI (NSEL, SCLK, SDI and SDO). Through SPI, the MCUs write/read the content of register to/out of the module. A SPI transaction is a 16-bits sequence, MSB is the symbol of write and read (read”0”, write”1”), followed by a 7-bits address field, and then 8-bits data field. The following graphic is the SPI timing; the detailed infos please refer to the datasheet.

Besides the byte read/write mode, the SPI interface contains a burst read/write mode which allows for reading/writing sequential registers without having to re-send the SPI address. You can refer to the datasheet for the burst mode timing.

You can use the SPI peripheral of the MCU to communicate with the RF module. If the MCU you use do not has SPI peripheral, you can also use the I/O ports of the MCU to simulate the SPI protocol and use them to communicate with the RF module. At this time, only 4 I/Os are used. So you can choose the cheapest MCU to design your product with our RF module.


SRW1011 focus on short range wireless applications. Such as :

─Remote Control
─Home Security and alarm
─Personal data logging
─Toy control
─Tire pressure monitoring
─Wireless PC peripherals
─Remote meter reading
─Remote keyless entry
─Home automation
─Industry control
─Sensor networks
─Health monitors
─Tag readers

Items come with the special antenna

Documents :

Click to download the detail summary

Click to download Zip File : Tools、datasheet、sample code、spec、apps.note



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