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Infrared Obstacle-Avoiding Sensor V2.0
Infrared Obstacle-Avoiding Sensor V2.0
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Infrared Obstacle-Avoiding Sensor V2.0


This adjustable obstacle avoidance sensors module is specifically designed for robot development. It is  well adaptable to surrounding light with strong anti-interfer property. It has a unique sending module both from left and right, and an IR receiver in the middle.

Detection Principle :

Sending tube emits infrared ray of certain frequency. When the infrared ray meets an obstacle(reflection surface), it is reflected and received by receiver. Then the corresponding indicator light is on. After processing the reflected signal by the circuit, digital signal is output through signal output interface. Detection distance can be adjusted through potentiometer knob between 4 ~ 40cm. Working voltage is from 3.3V to 5V. It is suitable for a variety of microcontroller, such as Arduino. It can be installed on robot to detect the surrounding environment changes.


Specification :

1、Operating voltage : 3.3V to 5V

2、Working current : ≤20mA

3、Operating temperature : -10℃ ~ +50 ℃

4、Detection range : 4-40cm

5、IO interface : 4-wire interface (EN//S/+/-)

6、Output signal : TTL level (meeting obstacles output "high", no obstacles output "low")

7、Adjustment method : multi-turn precision variable resistor to regulate

8、Effective angle : 35°

9、Size : 28mm × 23mm

10、Weight : 9g

Pin Defination :


1、Sensor interface : EN、S、+、-

"EN" (Enable pin) : when high, this sensor doesn't work; when low, this sensor work.

"S" (reflected signal output pin) : when EN is low, if this sensor do not detect objects, then S port is to maintain a high level; If this sensor detect objects, then S port change to be a low level.

"+" : the external power supply of the VCC.

"-" :  the external power supply GND.

2、Enable jump cap

when the user want sensor to be working state, in other words users don't need to control sensor whether working or not, then insert jump cap on row needles, "EN" pin can not be linked.

When the user to control sensor whether working or not, then remove the jumper cap, and connect EN pin with the controller interface.

3、There are two adjustable potentiometers that are used for adjust the distance.


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