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New Version Screw Shield -Arduino Compatible
New Version Screw Shield -Arduino Compatible
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New Version Screw Shield -Arduino Compatible

Description :

New Version Screw Shield combines the power of Arduino screw shield and Sensor Shield. This Arduino ScrewShield offers a better and more optional way to do prototyping and connection.

The Screw terminal can be screwed directly to the terminal on the thread and is reliable and convenient. It can be plugged into the Arduino controller. You can use this shield to save yourself from the bad port connection. Feel secure with this arduino-compatible screw shield.

Both sides of the shield are broken out to the side of the Arduino, to allow access to everything on the main Arduino board. Stacking headers are also included so you can pile more shields on top.

This screw shield also extend the power supply pins for the signal pins. You could directly plugin the sensors and the servos to the screw shield .

The pin headers are color coded for easy identification of analog、digital and power pins :

Green for digital I/O ; Blue for Analog I/O ; Red for Voltage .

Features :

1)  Combines the function of Arduino Screw Shield and Sensor Shield

2)  Expand all of IO interfaces from Arduino

3)  3-Pin male headers for easy sensor/servo connection

4)  Compatible with Arudino UNO R3、Arudino UNO R2、Duemilanove

5)  Size : 32x65mm


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