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WTV-SR Recordable Sound Module
WTV-SR Recordable Sound Module
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WTV-SR Recordable Sound Module

Description :

WTV-SR is one of the member of  recording serial products.This module can record as well as fixed voice playback, recording content uploaded and a variety of control modes can be chosen. With the master chip and plug-in SPI-FLASH , it has a great advantage in the duration time of recording and cost performance.

WTV-SR is provided with mp3 mode, Key control one by one, parallel interface, one-line serial interface, three-line serial interface. Therefore, WTV-SR module is suit for many occasions. It can be changed different control modes by setting I/O, which on the bottom of WTV-SR.

Flexible supply (can either supply module, or supply solution), is a effective recording solution.

Features :

1、Up to 7 kinds of operation modes : MP3 mode, one on one key mode, parallel mode,one record one play key mode , e-book mode, two-wire serial mode and three- wire serial mode.

2、Support MIC and LINE recording.

3、SPI-FLASH is up to 32M, recording time is up to 12 minutes.

4、Support USB (with programmer);Support upload and download voice via USB.

5、Support download voice from PC and play recording voice with high quality.

6、Support uploads recording voice to computer.

7、Can record up to 252 segment voice (including fixed voice) and recording time up to 1600 seconds.

8、With power-down save data function.

9、Using an independent file manage system, assign SPI-FLASH more reasonable.

10、Support audio recording at 10KHz or 14KHZ sample rate.

11、Adopt a separate document management system, recording without debris, more reasonable distribution of SPI-FLASH space.

12、Do not come out chips scrape.

13、8-level adjustable volume.

14、Support key and MCU control.

Electronic Parameter :

1、Operation Voltage: DC2.6V to 3.6V (3.3V sugguest)

2、Sleep Current: 10uA (typical)

3、Sample Rate: 10KHz or 14KHZ

4、SPI-FLASH: 32M bit

5、Recording: MIC and LINE

6、Recording Time: 1600s

7、Controllable Volume: 8 degrees

8、Module package: DIP28

9、Dimension: 18.30mm * 36.00mm

Applications :

The module can be used in telephone recording systems, answering machine, industrial control toys , automatic response system of telephone exchange, learning machine, fun toys, personalized gifts and other products.


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