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32 Channel USB Servo Motor Drive Shield V4.0
32 Channel USB Servo Motor Drive Shield V4.0
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32 Channel USB Servo Motor Drive Shield V4.0

Click to see 16 Channel USB Servo Motor Drive Shield V4.0

Description :

This item support online upgrade firmware perfectly now, it means that in the future if there is a new function, the user can upgrade easily, so as to ensure the user have the latest firmware.

Up to 32 servo motors can controlled at the same time, either by using a software on a PC, or UART communication ( TTL serial port) of MCU (Arduino, 51, AVR, ARM, FPGA, PIC, etc.) to send commands to control the steering.You can also download instructions to the servo motor controller for offline operation.

New Feature :

1、Redesign hardware, all signal isolation.(hardware performance increase 10 times)

2、Complete new code. (stability increased 10 times)

3、Onboard 16M small U disk memory space, can store tens of thousands of group action.(increased 50 times)

4、Support Baud Rate : 9600,19200,28400,57600,115200,128000 (recognized automatically)

5、Fully support PS2 joystick controller and 32 channel servo control panel

6、Support network function, can support long-distance control through the network

7、Support wifi control through wifi device

8、Support Windows (7/8/10/XP)、Linux、IOS、Android platform

9、Support simplified Chinese、traditional Chinese、English language

The biggest advantage is that : you can use the computer software to control the robot or control your servo steering. It can control 32 servo motors at the same time , with a high precision (1 μs),  and adopt the 32 bit orignal package CPU, internal integration USB communication interface, high stability and precision.

Support working with wireless joystick :


Support working with WiFi :


Basic Feature :

1) More powerful MCU -32-bit ARM Main Controller Chipset

2) Higher controlling accuracy

3) Offline operation function

4) Identify baud rate automatically

5) Support Windows (7/8/10/XP)、Linux、IOS、Android platform

6) It can recognize baud rate automatically.

7) Support 51、AVR、Arduino、ARM、FPGA、PIC etc.

8) PCB Size: 63.5mm × 43.5mm

This motor shield can control 32 servo motors at the same time :

1、Users can use the PC software to control.

2、 Users can use UART communication (TTL level serial interface) of MCU (51, AVR, Arduino, ARM, FPGA, PIC, etc.) to send commands so as to control the servo motors.

3、Users can also download the instruction code produced by PC software to servo motor controller, and realize off-line operation.

Parameters :

1、 Controlling MCU power supply : 6.5~12 V or 4.5~5.5V for two input terminals. (USB can be used to power the chip on  servos board.And it can be chosen automatically.With the USB reverse protection,it can protect your computer from been hurted by the reverse USB.)

2、Servos power supply : DC (depends on the motors, generally 5V DC)

3、Control channels : 32. (can be controlled at the same time and the accuracy can be adjusted)

4、 Communication Input : USB or UART (TTL or USART). (The Bluetooth or some other wireless module can be used to make the controlling)

5、Signal Output : PWM (Accuracy 0.5μs).

6、Servo motor resolution : 0.5μs, 0.0045 degrees

7、Baud Rate : 9600,19200,28400,57600,115200,128000 (recognized automatically)

8、Servo motors supported : Futaba, Hitec or some other Servos Motor controlled by PWM.

9、Dimensions : 63.5mm x 43.5mm x 1.6mm.

10、Control mode: USB and UART (TTL) to accept command. (Comes with USB data wire and PC controlling software)

11、 Flash : Onboard 16M small U disk memory space, can store tens of thousands of group action.


Use Arduino to control the servo thorugh the code as blow:

Serial.begin(9600);    // set the baud rate as 9600
Serial.print("#1P800T1000 ");  // S1 servo rotate to the position of the pulse width 800, use time is 1000ms
delay(1000);  // delay 1000ms, servo was performed on a command

Connect with other MCU board, just need to connect the (TXD, RXD, GND) of MCU board with (RXD, TXD, GND) of the servo, then it can start communication.




Click to download the zip development document

Zip development document list :

1、Manual and QuickStart

2、Arduino and 51 Test Code

3、Softare、Driver、SerialAssistant and Teaching Vedio


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