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Proxmark3 V3.0 DEV Easy Kits
Proxmark3 V3.0 DEV Easy Kits
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Proxmark3 V3.0 DEV Easy Kits

We also supply Proxmark3 V3.0 DEV Easy Backup Package.


Watch this video Mifare Hack

Proxmark3 V3.0 DEV Easy Kits have upgraded from Proxmark3 V2, and Proxmark3 V3.0 DEV Easy Kits contain all of the function of Proxmark3 V2.

Compared with Proxmark3 V2, we made some improvement for V3.0 as below :
1、Built-in high frequency antenna, perfectly compatible, eliminate dead zone, read the card data smoothly without interruption.
2、Increase the speed of parse the key, compatible with all size cards.
3、Detect and read data completely and stably with low error rate.
4、Adopt low frequency antenna to improve SNR(Signal to Noise Ratio), more higher recognition rate, detachable design to meet kinds of needs.
5、Remove antenna interface to avoid plug in and out, more conveniently.
6、Remove the lithium battery interface, more simple. (Offline mode can use portable power source).
7、Optimized circuit and remove some irrelevant components, cut down cost, lightweight and portable.


Electrical Parameter

When Low frequency antenna installed on the right side :
# LF antenna: 29.84 V @ 125.00 kHz
# LF antenna: 32.31V @ 134.00 kHz
# HF antenna: 28.43V @ 13.56 MHz

When Low frequency antenna installed on the left side :

# LF antenna: 43.86 V @ 125.00 kHz
# LF antenna: 24.48 V @ 134.00 kHz
# HF antenna: 25.13 V @ 13.56 MHz
Operating Voltage : 3.5-5.5V
Operating Current : 50-130mA
Dimensions : 54mm * 86.6mm
Size : 6.2mm (thinnest) 9.8mm (plus screw) 15.8mm (plus LF antenna)

Supporting Cards and Tags



1、Basic Document

   * Download Manual

   * Software pm3-bin-2.0.0 (visit this page for the latest version)

2、Video instruction

   * Video: how to install driver
   * Video: how to upgrade firmware
   * Video: how to read/write Mifare classic
   * Video: how to hack/clone Mifare classic
   * Video: how to clone EM410x tags

3、Official Wiki

   * Proxmark3 official wiki (new)

   * Proxmark3 official wiki (old)

The Proxmark has proven itself to be an invaluable tool within the research community. Here are some examples of how the Proxmark has been used to perform research:

   * Proxmark3: The Swiss Army Knife of Security Research
   * Exploring the NFC Attack Surface
   * A Practical Attack on the MIFARE Classic
   * Analysis of the MIFARE Classic used in the OV-Chipkaart project

   * Potential Misuse of NFC Enabled Mobile Phones with Embedded Security Elements as Contactless Attack Platforms

   * Outsmarting Smart Cards

   * Evaluation of the feasible attacks against RFID tags for access control systems

The Proxmark also makes a great educational tool. The entire platform (including hardware and software) is open source and can be readily analyzed and inspected. The Proxmark includes many of the major components found in a general purpose SDR but is simpler and therefore easier to understand. Faculty members should contact us about educational discounts if interested in incorporating the Proxmark into a course of study.

Warning: The Proxmark3 is a research and development tool. It has not been evaluated for compliance with regulations governing transmission and reception of radio signals. You are responsible for using this product in compliance with your local laws.


Assemble Instruction

1、Proxmark3 V3.0 DEV Easy Module

2、Assemble the protection shell

3、Assemble the LF antenna

4、Paste the protection film for back

Application Test

Fully compatible with all official firmware, brush any versions according to your need.

Here we recommand 2.0.0 and more new version firmware, come with 2.0.0 version by default.

Please use the official "Command Line" or "Proxmark Tool.exe" to operate this module.

1、Command Line

2、Proxmark Tool.exe


Item List :

Proxmark3 V3.0 DEV Easy Module (firmware 2.0.0)  x1

Proxmark PCB Protection Shell  x1

LF Antenna  x1

Copper pillar and screws package  x1

Protection Film  x1

USB Cable   x1

13.56Mhz Mifare 1 S50 PVC Card   x1

13.56Mhz Mifare UID PVC Card   x2

13.56MHz RFID Key IC Tag  x2

125Khz HID Card      x1

125Khz T5577 Card     x2



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